Technical Articles

Martin Bailey regularly writes this website and supplies articles for various magazines. Here are a collection of articles, some of which have been published in trade press around the world.

How to detect whether an email is fake or real

We all get them. Emails from our bank, PayPal, eBay, Skype etc, all telling us that we've received a file/payment or that something's gone wrong and we need to log in to address the issue. But which are real and which are fake?

Switching from Adobe Creative Suite to alternatives

Adobe shocked many in May 2013 when they moved from selling retail box software to their 'Creative Cloud' monthly subscription model costing £46 per month for individuals - that's over £550 per year. Currently CS6 sells for around £1200, so that's equivalent to buying the software every two years. Many people will skip several releases if there are no tangible benefits, or simply because of the cost. So what alternatives are there?

Factsheet: Providing remote support.

I often get calls from friends, family and colleagues with computer-related issues. The biggest problem is trying to relay instructions to them and to get them to communicate back the results. Often a job that would take me 2 minutes can take a half hour call. So what software is available to resolve this and how do you set it up?

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