Software Reviews

There are so many excellent software packages available today that not only take the pain out of mundane tasks, but that also allow you to create stunning material comparable to professional designers/companies. Here you'll find reviews of various software applications that can give you the edge of your competitors!

Review: Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium

Adobe CS3 Web Premium ReviewMacromedia's Studio and Adobe's Creative Suite have now finally combined, with Adobe launching no less than six different versions of their third edition of this popular series. This review focuses on CS3 Web Premium, aimed squarely at professional web designers. Let's take a look at the suite and the various modules within.

Review: Windows Vista Business (Upgrade)

Windows Vista ReviewSo you're thinking of upgrading to Vista? Is it worth it? Is the upgrade painful? What do you get for your money, and will it actually improve your productivity? Read on to see a full review of the upgrade edition of Windows Vista Business.

Review: Media Portal

Media Portal ReviewWhether you are looking to create a Home Theatre PC or a slick interface for a showroom/exhibition demo machine, the open source Media Portal could be just what you are looking for, especially as it's free!


Review: CorelDraw X3 graphics suite

Review CorelDraw X3Another day another version of Corel... We are now at the 13th version of Corel's DTP, vector and image editing suite, now spanning over two decades. Version 12 saw a number of new and innovative features, so I was interested to see what the Canadians could cram into this latest release.



Review: Macromedia (Adobe) Studio 8

Is Macromedia's (now Adobe) flagship web suite worth nearly a thousand dollars, or should you buy the apps you need separately? Read the full review of Studio 8 to find out.

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