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Even as a user of version 12 there were a number of new features that draw me to X3. As a designer that provides source files to other companies I am always wary of upgrading to a newer release as this generally forces others to do the same, however in this case I would proactively twist their arm. If you put a value on your time, and you spend a fair amount of yours in front of CorelDraw then I would go as far as to say it is false economy not to upgrade to X3. For those using other systems I would encourage them to take a leap of faith, download the trial version and stick with it for a week to see if their productivity increases. I could not find anything really negative in this release. PhotoPaint is snapping at the heels of Adobe's PhotoShop, although it'll prove difficult to convert die-hard photoshoppers (myself included). But at under £330 for the complete suite (or less if you download it) it represents excellent value for money.

Pro's: Comprehensive vector and graphics suite which covers all of the bases. Reasonably priced. Enough updates to give previous users a reason to upgrade.

Con's: Nothing major to speak of. Some ancillary applications still not as strong as rival products

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