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Review: CorelDraw X3 graphics suite

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Review CorelDraw X3Another day another version of Corel... We are now at the 13th version of Corel's DTP, vector and image editing suite, now spanning over two decades. Version 12 saw a number of new and innovative features, so I was interested to see what the Canadians could cram into this latest release.



Corel cites that there are more than 40 new features and over 400 enhancements, but is this enough for you to spend £149 on an upgrade or £329 on the full version?

Nothing major to report here - insert the disk and follow the prompts. Although four CDs are supplied only the first disc is required for installation, with the other three containing 10,000+ clipart, 1000 fonts and 100+ templates - this especially is a nice touch. As with the previous version there are also some useful tutorials from to get you up and running.

Note that you can also purchase a downloadable version of CorelDraw X3, although this does not come with CDs or manuals. Still, if you are happy with this you can save yourself around 10% of the product cost and save a tree in the process.


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