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After writing this review and playing with the various new features I actually feel a little sorry for the Corel development team, as when they undoubtedly release X7 the bar has already been raised that much higher. When I attended the press conference and read through the list of new features I initially felt a little underwhelmed, but in using them together they feel greater than the sum of their parts. There were a few times that when the software processed a command I exhaled and sat back in my chair in surprise and delight at the results, which believe me does not happen that often these days. Even a user of X5 would see the value in an upgrade, and for new customers the purchase should be a no-brainer.

The CorelDraw X6 suite is to imagery as MS Office is to word processing, number crunching and presenting. It is a one-box solution which contains pretty much everything you would need for image manipulation and content creation. The Website Creator is a great addition to expand the suite's reach but can't yet be considered as a replacement for the likes of Dreamweaver. If you compare the asking price to Adobe's Creative Suite Design Standard - the closest alternative at £1238.40 then this is an extremely cost effective alternative. It's rare that a product deserves five stars, but when you take into consideration the price and what's included it is hard not to be impressed.

Price: £478.79 (full version) £214.79 (upgrade). Prices include UK VAT @ 20%. 30 day trial version available.






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