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The rest

Although CorelDraw and PHOTO-PAINT are the two core applications, the suite does come with a variety of other tools, most of which have seen benefits from the new release.

Corel Connect is a content browser that allows you to view your content, the content provided on the CorelDVD (instead of them providing that 1" ringbound book of old) or online content from the likes of Flickr, Fotolia and iStockPhoton. The expanded version includes 1000 new photos and multiple image trays.


Corel Power-TRACE is a bitmap to vector tracing tool - very useful for example if you have a printed image/logo that you want to get into editable and scalable vector format.

Corel Capture allows one-click screen capture capabilities.

PhotoZoom Pro 2 is a plugin for PHOTO-PAINT that allows you to export hi-res images.

Barcode Wizard - generate industry standard barcodes

Duplexing Wizard assists with printing double-sided documents

Bitstream font navigator is a font management application.

Additional material: 10,000 clipart/images, 1000 hi-res photos, 1000 OpenType fonts, 2000 vehicle templates, 350 professionally designed templates and 800 frames and patterns. Two hours of training videos included, with more available on Corel's YouTube channel

Gone are the days when a small rain forest is used in the production of Corel's packaging.  The software is available for immediate download online, but if you choose to go for the physical version you now receive a single hardbound book which not so much a step by step instructional guide as a demonstrator of what the software can do, littered with excellent examples. The inside cover has the DVD and serial number, so the book 'is' the license.



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