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smart-carverMoving onto Corel's photo editing app. The biggest feature here is the smart carver. This allows you to remove objects from photos by simply placing a mask around them - the app then does the rest and interprets the background behind them. I think you have to have realistic expectations about what is achievable, but in my tests it produced some startlingly good results. It produced a few not so good ones as well, but that was more down to the complexity of the detail around the item that I wanted to remove. If you have a solid background around your object then the results will more often than not be excellent and require little or no modification. You can also use smart carver to change the pixel aspect ratio of a photo, useful if you want to print a photo at a certain size - smart carver will 'create' the background to fit once you specify the areas of interest.

corel-create-clip-maskThe 'create clip mask' feature is also pretty useful. You can select a group of objects and apply a property such as transapency to the entire group without it being destructive to the individual items. The 'pass through merge mode' allows you to create some complex effects by allowing effects to be applied to groups. For those considering migrating from Adobe PhotoShop (or that have learnt on it and not yet saved up enough to purchase a license at Adobe's extortionate UK price conversions), Corel provide a workspace conversion that makes PHOTO-PAINT immediately much more familiar.

PHOTO-PAINT also benefits from 64 bit support and tight integration into the Corel Connect app.


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