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With the Vista Business upgrade available online for around £130 it's not a cheap upgrade, and many users will require hardware upgrades such as more RAM. There are also several applications that mimic many of the visual aspects of Vista, which for many will negate the reason for upgrading in the first place. But when you add up features such the greater security, parental control, integrated search, better photo editing, movie AND DVD editing software, backup software to name but a few, and then you start to use it in anger you can see that Microsoft listened to many of its critics. The Redmond golliath comes in from a lot of flack, but with Vista they have produced an OS that does actually improve the way you work. A word of warning - do your homework before installing: check that all of the software you use is compatible, or you may have to update that as well - there's a free system check on the Microsoft website for this. Also, make sure that your system well exceeds Microsoft's minimum spec or you'll end up with a state of the art tortoise!


Do I recommend Vista? That really depends on how you use your system. If you present to others regularly, then Vista will add that extra polish just in general navigation. For day-to-day working you will find it quicker to get to what you want. For those that just want to 'use' a computer, or for a shared computer that needs more security and tracking then again Vista beats XP. The Sidebar provides useful and customisable information (and in my experience is faster than the Google offering). So if you have a reasonably fast computer, want to impress and want to benefit from a user interface designed to get you were you want to go quicker, with the security and backup facilities to save you should the worst happen then the answer is yes.

Vista Review - 4 starsPros: Beautiful interface, enhanced security, excellent backup facility, more applications, much improved user interface, desktop search.

Cons: Will require a hardware upgrade on older PCs. Some software may not work with Vista.You can get many of the elements of Vista for free from other applications.


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