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Dynamic Submission box'If you build it, they will come' may have worked for Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, but it won't necessarily work for your web site. You can't open up a shop without promoting it in some way, and that's exactly what you need to do with your online presence. Of course, the quickest way to get traffic to your site is by advertising, but this is a costly business and banner advert click-throughs are at an all-time-low, with many users even using ad filtering software to block banners before they even load. The best way to get long-term exposure on the Internet is via search engines.

There are many companies that report they can get you top ranking in search engines, but it's very unlikely that they can guarantee this - someone has to be first and someone has to be 51,581,213rd - the trick is to get search engines to recognise your site as an important one for your industry, and there is one such product that can help - Dynamic Submission.


The product is available in three versions - Standard, Professional and Enterprise. Standard is limited to 5 domains, while Professional is limited to 10, with Enterprise being unlimited. Professional and Enterprise also have additional features over the Standard edition. Unless you're a web designer working for several companies you'll only need to opt for one of the first two. All versions come with the ability to download the latest lists of search engines, so the software is never out of date.

Startup is a little fiddly, with users required to register each domain they wish to submit into a Domain Manager in addition to entering it in the standard settings screen. This relates more to the company's software protection more than anything else, but is confusing until you understand what the software is trying to do. This is, however, a minor niggle.

Dynamic Submission screenshotIn the main window the user is greeted with several tabs where information such as keywords, address details and the selected search engines to submit to are selected. If you already have a site live you can populate fields such as keywords, description by loading the information automatically from the site. Once you have populated all of the fields and selected your search engines (which will generally be all of them), clicking on Submit will cast your details to the far reaches of the web in a couple of minutes. Sites that require manual submission (such as DMOZ and Altavista) are also catered for.

What really sets this product apart is the site tweaking tools that it offers. The Meta tag generator offers the uninitiated an easy way to build the code required to help search engines correctly rank your pages, although most web design packages such as Dreamweaver have this already.

(Tip: keep an eye on your web site statistics - you should be able to get a list of the keywords people are using to find your site, which is useful when trying to establish what words are important and words that are lacking).

The Web Optimiser, however is an excellent tool by which to see how effective your use of keywords across your page is. It will automatically check your site against any given keyword and confirm the number of times it appears in important places (e.g. meta description, keywords, site title, main body, hyperlinks and ALT image tags). You can also use the Page Ranker to see where your site ranks in popular search engines using specific keywords, thereby showing how effective the product has been in increasing your rankings.

Whether you choose Dynamic Submission or another package, no company should be without a website submission and ranking program. There are packages that reportedly will submit to ten times the number of engines that Dynamic Submission will, but in truth 99% of them will be so obscure that it will be completely irrelevant - as long as your site is optimised for the main engines you need not worry about the rest of them.

By continually reviewing your site you can optimise its content to your target audience. Dynamic Submission gets 5 stars due to its engine update and site optimiser facilities that will help to keep your site in tip-top condition. What's more, they offer a free trial download from their website (listed below). If you spend your money on Dynamic Submission you won't be disappointed.

Supplier's web site:

The trial version of Dynamic Submission is included on the CD-ROM that accompanies the book Marketing your Business.

5 stars

Pro's: Excellent web page optimiser. Free engine updates for life.

Con's: Domain Manager a little fiddly. Duplicates some web design package features.

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