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There are so many excellent software packages available today that not only take the pain out of mundane tasks, but that also allow you to create stunning material comparable to professional designers/companies. Here you'll find reviews of various software applications that can give you the edge of your competitors!

Review: Camcard for iPhone

camcard-iconI'd been looking for an app that would allow me to scan and dispose of my array of business cards and digitally inject information directly into the Contacts app. There are several in the Apple App store, most of which are priced between £3 and £5 with mixed reviews. A couple of them have free trial versions, so I selected Camcard.

Review: CorelDraw X6

Now on its 16th incarnation, CorelDraw X6 has a few shiny new toys to show off. If you are looking for vector and general image control software should you consider it?

Review: Sygic Aura for iPhone

sygic_aura_reviewWhen it comes to satellite navigation on the iPhone there is a wide choice of apps available, although most of them have a hefty price tag associated with them. Recently though, a couple of vendors have released complete UK and Ireland systems for under £30. One such system is Sygic Aura, which boasts a powerful 3D engine. But is it style over substance and can it compete with other pricier apps out there?


14 Best iPhone business apps

appstoreEven Apple were taken surprise by the runaway success of the App Store, and the apps available for a phone are almost as likely to sell the phone as its own functionality. But what are the best tools out there that can make life easier for business users?

Review: CorelDraw X4

CorelDraw X4 ReviewCorel has led the way in PC-based desktop publishing since the early 1990's Can the latest X4 version continue the trend? Find out if you should buy or upgrade to CorelDraw X4.

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