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Computer Hardware Reviews

Over the last decade hardware prices have continued to fall while technology continues to drive forward. New devices are arriving regularly that save time and resources, or allow you to present yourself or your product better than the rest.

Review: Archos AV400 Portable Video Recorder

I can remember attending meetings 10 years ago with data backed up on floppy discs, back in the days when a floppy disc was a viable form of data transfer. This was also back in the days when business traveling meant staying in a hotel with four TV channels (in the UK at least), so little in the way of in-room entertainment. Nowadays, transporting data requires the digital equivalent of a ten ton truck, with multimedia content easily swallowing hundreds of megabytes of space. While USB memory sticks have provided excellent convenience, they are still limited to single figure Gigabyte sizes.

Review: Epson Acculaser C900 colour laser

Epson Acculaser C900 reviewIn the past the only option available for getting colour brochures was to go to a lithographic printer, which was only cost-effective for larger quantities. Then inkjets came along, but they were slow, required expensive paper and ink cartridges.