Computer Hardware Reviews

Over the last decade hardware prices have continued to fall while technology continues to drive forward. New devices are arriving regularly that save time and resources, or allow you to present yourself or your product better than the rest.

Review: PNY Rose Gold iPhone cable and Power Bank

icon pny power bank ad5200If rose gold is your preferred colour of iPhone you might want to accessorise it whilst still maintaining some colour coordination. I took a look at two such products that will add both functionality and style to your prized possession.

Review: Polk Boom Swimmer Duo Bluetooth Speaker

thumb polk boom swimmerPolk may not be a brand that is immediately familiar when considering a Bluetooth speaker, but they are releasing an interesting range of devices. The Boom Swimmer Duo is a small, rugger, portable speaker with a twist – literally - whose sound belies its diminutive size.

Review: PNY Expand Bike Phone Mount

pny expand thumbnailLooking for a way to keep your phone securely mounted on your bike? PNY's quick-release bike mount might be just what you're looking for.

Review: Y-Cam HomeMonitor HD Pro

tumb ycam hd proIn recent years home security products have dropped both in price and ease of installation, so keeping an eye on your property from wherever you are has never been simpler. This review of the Y-Cam HomeMonitor HD Pro also walks you through the installation process.

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