Review: PNY Rose Gold iPhone cable and Power Bank

icon pny power bank ad5200If rose gold is your preferred colour of iPhone you might want to accessorise it whilst still maintaining some colour coordination. I took a look at two such products that will add both functionality and style to your prized possession.

  • Pny Ad 5200 Power Bank Review

  • The battery comes charged up - handy if you are buying this on the go and need instant power.

  • A built in LED light might also come in handy!

First up is the rose gold PNY AD5200 power bank. It's a 5200mAh aluminium housed power bank that's capable of charging your phone approximately three times. Importantly it outputs at the higher 2.4 amps versus many that output at only 1 amp, and as a result will charge your phone much quicker. At the top of the power bank is an on/off button, micro-USB socket (for power in) and a standard USB socket (for power out). On the front of the unit is a small LCD panel which displays the percentage of charge available, which is far better than the usual four or five LEDs that many similar products include, only give you an approximation of how much charge you have to within 20-25%. There's also an LED, which can be activated by holding the power button for a couple of seconds. The colour is also a good match for the iPhone's rose gold colouring.

What I especially like about this unit is that it's size/weight to charge ratio is pretty good. You can easily lose this in your pocket, as it's only 100 x 22.5 x 52mm, but the capability to charge a phone three times means that even if you are a power user or addicted gamer it'll keep your phone going throughout the day. In fact, I've used it on overnight trips to top up my phone rather than bothering to pack the wall charger, which also has the side benefit of not being tethered to a wall when you want to use it while you charge.

If I had to give any criticism it would be that build quality, whilst not bad, could not be considered as premium as the device it is charging. There's white plastic at both ends and an aluminium body that has just been sawn of and smoothed. The unit doesn't feel flimsy at all, and for the price is reasonable.

Price: Around £20.

  • The PNY cable has a stouter shield at the lightning end, which offers greater protection over the Apple stock cable.

  • Pny Rose Gold Braided Lightning Cable 1

One of the stock Apple accessories that continues to disappoint me is the Lightning cable. I've got through a few of them, and my daughter gets through even more. I've regularly purchased cheap (but allegedly genuineApple boxed) cables from the likes of eBay, most of which stop working after a few months. Also, they are the usual sterile white. PNY have also released 1.2m rose gold cables, in both braided or metallic formats. I took a look at the braided version. It feels stronger than the stock Apple cable and,crucially, has a much sturdier sheath at the Lightning cable end, which is so often the end that would prove problematic on my other cables. In tests it worked fine with both charging and data transfer, and is Apple approved. When coupled with other colour-matched accessories such as the PNY power bank it makes the whole package look much more personalised and coordinated. I'll be interested to see if this outlasts my current remaining crop of Apple-branded cables.

Price: Around £12


There's a lot of good and not much bad to say about these products. They both do the job they are designed to do it and do it well. Granted there are cheaper alternatives available, but if you've laid half a grand (or more) out on a rose gold iPhone then a few extra quid to get decent, colour-matched accessories that will help you get the best price out of it is a small price to pay. Given my experience with poor quality cables in the past, if this lasts a year then it'll have paid for itself.


  • Good build quality
  • Reasonably priced
  • Good size to charge ratio on the power bank


  • Cheaper alternatives available (but not by much)
  • Build quality on the power bank, whilst not poor, falls a little below the iPhone it'll be powering

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