pny expand thumbnailLooking for a way to keep your phone securely mounted on your bike? PNY's quick-release bike mount might be just what you're looking for.

Many cyclists nowadays will use their phone as a GPS and general tracker rather than using dedicated hardware, but it's important to ensure that the phone is securely mounted, especially if you're going over rough terrain.

PNY's Expand bike phone mount is mainly made out of hard plastic. The left-right spring-mounted grippers are sheathed in a softer material and will easily accommodate a 5.5" phone such as an iPhone 7Plus, expanding up to 95mm width. I tested the unit with an iPhone 6 in a case, and the phone slid in/out easily enough by hand but was stable during cycling. There's also some sponge on the front of the mount, which will cushion any vibrations to the back of the phone.

  • The PNY Expand without phone attached. The left and right grippers are made from soft foam.

  • View from front. You can tighten the bolt on the universal joint, and also tighten the grip on the handlebar using the 'key'.

  • The PNY Expand is very stable, even when the bike is going over bumpy terrain.

  • The minimalist design means that you only see the left/right grips when the phone is mounted. In this example I used an iPhone 6 (5") phone, but the larger Plus model would also fit.

  • Pny Expand Retail Box

  • The PNY Expand on its own, without a phone.

Mounting the Expand on your bike is simple enough - just place the grip over the handlebars and turn the key until tight. Although it's plastic I never felt like it would snap from over-tightening, and the two-tone nature of the construction suggests that there could even be further strengthening material inside. Between the clamp and the holder itself is a universal joint, tightened with a nut. This allows you to position the phone at any angle and position. In the relatively short test I did the nut did not come undone, but I think it'd be good practice to tighten it once in a while to stop the phone from dropping forward.

What makes this mount so flexible is the combination of the 360 degree universal joint and the expandable grips mean that you can have any sized phone at any angle, depending on what you've already got mounted to your handlebars. Even if either the grip or the 360 degree bolt were to become loose during a trip I'd be pretty confident that the phone itself would still stay mounted within the grips.


PNY's Expand bike mount ticked all the boxes for me. It's relatively cheap at £15, is made of thick, strong plastic, and can accommodate most phones. What I especially like is that it's easy to put on/remove. It'll take literally 10 seconds to take it off the bike, so you don't have worry about it being stolen. The fact that it comes with a 2-year warranty also gives peace of mind. All they need to do now is invent a battery that will stop your phone dying halfway through a journey...

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