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Over the last decade hardware prices have continued to fall while technology continues to drive forward. New devices are arriving regularly that save time and resources, or allow you to present yourself or your product better than the rest.

IPad Pro 12.9” 5th Gen (2021) Review

ipad pro 5th gen 2021 review by martin baileyAt £999 the iPad Pro 12.9” is not an impulse buy, but is the new M1-powered tablet worth it? Coming from an original 2015 iPad Pro 12.9” I was eager to see what difference six years and five generations would make, and what tasks that I would usually do on a laptop that could now comfortably be done on the iPad Pro, coupled with the new Magic Keyboard.

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Review: OYO Nova Gym

Review of the OYO Nova Gym

Review: OYO Nova Gym

The OYO Nova Gym is a portable gym that provides total body strength training across over 100 exercises in a folding device weighing only 1.12kg. As the most funded fitness product in Kickstarter history, amassing over $4m, and generating a further $6m on Indiegogo, does it live up to its claims?

Review: Roku Streambar

Review: Roku Streambar 4K sound bar, Bluetooth speaker and TV streaming

A sound bar can deliver a drastic improvement over a TV;s built-in audio experience. Throw in Bluetooth and you can stream audio from your phone. Roku have added in a third feature by combining sound bar and Bluetooth speaker functionality with their renowned 4K streaming system, turning any old TV into a smart one - but is it any good? 

Sony KD-43XG8396 43” 4K Android TV versus Samsung QE43Q60R 43” 4K Tizen TV

samsung qe43q60r versus sony kd xg8396I was in the market for a 43” mid-range smart TV. The Samsung Q60R and Sony XG8396 stood out as both were advertised as smart, but Android appeared to be more flexible and with more apps than Samsung’sTizen OS. After much deliberation I opted for the Sony, whose picture quality didn’t disappoint. So why did I return it within 24 hours and why is the Samsung so much better?

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