Media tips

Michelle McGlocklin
Managing Director – Technology Practice
Weber Shandwick UK

It sounds simple: Be very clear from the outset what it is you are trying to communicate and to whom. Avoid hype and jargon and take time early on to clearly define what it is you need to communicate. Once set, stick to your goal and as much as possible measure performance along the way so you can clearly articulate and demonstrate the value you are adding to the business.

Kevin Dundas
Managing Director
Saatchi & Saatchi
Find the most motivating truths about your brand and communicate it to your most important consumers in the most single minded and bravest manner. They will respect you for it.

Martin Bailey
Author: Marketing your Business
Don't be afraid to talk to the press. They are looking for interesting stories, so make sure that you provide them with one. Give them what the want in the format that they want it in, and they will be back for more. A win-win relationship will work better in the long run rather than just pushing to get a single story out. Make sure that you only approach the press with valid news, or you run the risk of being seen as crying wolf - when you do have a big story they may not listen.

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