Exhibition tips

Wear the most comfortable shoes you own, not the best looking. There's no point in looking like a bulldog chewing a wasp because your feet hurt - you'll scare the prospects away!

Neil Horton
Sales Manager
Concord Data Systems, MI
If you're drinking gallons of coffee at a show take the breath antidote with you at all times - mints. You don't want to gas your prospects off the stand with death breath. Also, if you grab a snack, dash to the restroom before you return to make sure you don't have something sticking to your teeth or you will be remembered as 'the sales guy who had an egg and cress sandwich' rather than for your products.

Martin Bailey
Author: Marketing your Business
Always have an emergency kit for last minute problems. This might comprise of screw drivers, velcro, single and double-sided tape, pens/paper, scissors/knife, tie-wraps (great for tucking cables across beams). Most important, ensure you have the exhibitors handbook with all the useful numbers you might need. If you suddenly work out you need more chairs you can get onto it straight away.

Not really a marketing tip, but one that will ensure you look good when travelling. Alway wrap your toilletries bag in a plastic bag. After the baggage handles have finished playing soccer with it at least your $50 after-shave won't be complimenting your clothes in portions larger than you would normally use!

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