The boat they laughed at

max-liberson-boat-laughed-atA good friend of mine, Max Liberson, recently sailed across the Atlantic in a ferro-cement boat that he'd bought for £1500. After actually living to tell the tale he decided to write a book about it, which I recently proof read and help him to publish.

Having done my day skipper qualification with Max in 2010 I already knew that he has the nickname 'Mad Max', and had seen glimpses of the reasoning behind it. I was fortunate enough to be the first person to read his book, as I was proofing it for him, and can now confirm that he must be clinically insane. When he got to the Caribbean he discovered a hole in the hull large enough for a fish to live in that was caked with mud that he'd pulled up from his mooring in Essex, so the only thing that was stopping him from sinking was mud he'd brought from home! Furthermore, his engine died while he was out there, and he made the return journey purely under sail.

It is genuinely a good read, and shows what can be done on a low budget with determination. I doubt I'll be following in his footsteps though.

The book is available to purchase now at

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