Press Release: Hertfordshire author releases fifth title

Cheshunt-based author Martin Bailey has announced the publication of his fifth book, entitled 'Learn to use a PC in 90 minutes'. The book is aimed at people that have got a home computer for the first time and want to fully understand its capabilities.

Said Martin Bailey; 'Nowadays a PC is becoming more of a necessity in the home, working in conjunction with MP3 players, digital cameras and camcorders, but for many there is still the fear factor associated with technology. A trend is also emerging where parents are now receiving their children's electronic cast-offs when they upgrade, which creates either a need or desire to find out what the technology can do for them.'

Learn to Use a PC in 90 minutes is split across 13 chapters, starting with an overview of the hardware components themselves, and then walking users through the standard 'boot up' process. The subsequent chapters then focus on the various tasks that users are likely to perform, such as office applications, the web, other internet applications (such as instant messaging and video conferencing), music on the PC, photos and video editing and using a PC as a complete entertainment centre linked to your TV. Security, data backup and upgrading are also covered.

Appendices at the rear of the book list dozens of websites in popular categories such as sport, shopping, research, financial and travel, along with useful applications and online resources, many of which are free.

The book has also attracted interested from PC vendors such as local computer retailer C&G Computers, based in Turners Hill, Cheshunt. They are stocking a re-branded version of the book in-store, and will also be providing it free with all new computer systems. Publishers Management Books 2000 Ltd provides a rebranding service whereby the front and rear cover can be completely redesigned to match a company's corporate identity.

Bailey concluded; 'Computers are now so mainstream that those without the skills to use them are now at a disadvantage. But it doesn't have to be this way. I wrote the book based on my own experience of training family and friends over the years, all of which are now competent users. The book is designed to provide readers with an understanding of the basics and pointing them in the direction where they can find out more information on each topic'

About Martin Bailey

The book is the fifth title from Martin Bailey, who first published 'Marketing your Business' in 2003 both in the UK and US. This was followed up by a second edition in 2005, published by Management Books 2000 Ltd. In 2006 Bailey released 'Get more visitors to your website', launching  a new IT series of books for publishers Management Books 2000 Ltd’s popular 'In 90 minutes' series.  Later that year 'Building a website using a CMS in 90 minutes' was also published. He also offers marketing and web design consultancy services, and has written sites for several local businesses, including Brookland Infants and Nursery School. He regularly has technical articles published in trade magazines. In 2007 he wrote a case study on a company that won the Best of British Manufacturing Award.

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