Press release: Martin Bailey commissioned to write PC tutorial book

Learn to use a PC in 90 minutesMartin Bailey, author of several marketing and Internet-related books has been signed by Management Books 2000 Limited (MB2000) to write a book aimed at new PC users. The book has a working title of Learn to use a PC in 90 minutes and fits into MB2000's popular 'in 90 minutes' series, which provides readers with the foundation information required in the chosen subject.

Said Martin Bailey: "Many people including my own mother are either getting a PC for the first time - perhaps passed on from a family member - or have decided that they can no longer delay the inevitable if they don't want to get left behind. This book is divided into chapters that concentrate on real-world applications rather than unnecessary theory."

Added Nick Dale-Harris, Publisher: "Too many PC manuals are written in techno-speak for people who already know how to use a computer. This book will require no prior knowledge, and will appeal to anyone who needs help, however new they are to the wonderful world of computers."

Subjects covered include using 'Office' applications, the web and what it can do for you, music on the PC, getting photos and video onto your PC and backing up your data.

The book will be on sale in December 2007 and will be priced at £10.99.

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