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The Useful Book of Gadgets, Gizmos and Apps (2nd Edition)

Solving life's little problems, one gadget at a time.

Now in its second edition, this book reached's Top 100 in Computers and Internet.

This book is available for co-branding.

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As an unashamed geek I’m often asked (or just volunteer information) about what my weapon of choice might be to solve a particular problem – whether it’s charging a phone on the move, how to stream music and videos around the home or the best app to recover deleted files.

Now has never been a more exciting time for gadget-lovers. The average person has a smartphone in their pocket that is thousands of times more powerful than the computers that put man on the moon, and the ‘Internet of Things’ promises to connect to all areas of our lives. Health trackers are aiming to keep us living longer, while there are 1001 gadgets that aim to entertain us and make our lives just that little bit easier.

This book aims at solving life’s little problems, one gadget at a time. It’s designed as a short and succinct read that you can pick up and dive into quickly.