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Learn to use a PC in 90 minutes

Learn to Use a PC in 90 Minutes is a completely jargon-free guide for computer beginners. The book is written in down-to-earth language, free of techno-babble, and designed to be understood by readers with no previous experience of operating computers.

Without getting bogged down in theory or systems analysis, the book cuts straight to the chase – the actual uses you will have for your computer. Topics covered include:

• what is a computer?
• what you can do with it
• basic "tools" and programs that come with your computer
• how to use Microsoft Office – wordprocessing, spreadsheets and basic databases (what they are, and how to create them)
• how to send and receive emails, including spam control
• how to access and use the internet – for research, shopping, or entertainment (including music and movie download)
• how to print and share digital photos
• how to record and play music on your computer
• how to create and edit videos and dvds
• how to maintain your computer, and backup your files safely.

If you have just purchased your first computer, this is the book for you...

Martin Bailey has a passion for marketing and helping SMEs to develop, and a wide interest in the potential of using computers to achieve these ends. He is a successful consultant and advisor to many now flourishing organisations.

Chapter List

1. Introduction
2. What is a PC?
3. Computer Software
4. Using Office Applications
5. The Web and what it can do for you
6. Search Engines
7. Other Internet applications
8. Music on the PC
9. Printing and sharing digital photos
10. Editing your videos/creating DVDs
11. Creating a Media PC
12. Backups and Security
13. Upgrading your Computer
Appending 1 - Online Resources